Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am dreaming of............

(I know that I am just torturing myself here. But it will be fun to imagine myself in this moment for a while.)

A cool breeze teases my hair, while the sun warms my relaxed body.
I sigh.
Breathing in the damp ocean air, and reaching for my frosty glass.
The waves break gently on the shore as I ponder a refreshing swim, or a few more chapters in my book.
My cell phone is switched off back at the house. No errands to run, or responsibilities to fulfill.
Four blessed days of nothingness stretch out before me like a small piece of heaven.
I am here to relax, rest, and re cooperate.
My mind is having trouble switching off, but I am slowly making it obey my wish to be still.
Waking up each morning with no agenda is a wonderful feeling.
Mornings spent sleeping in, drinking coffee sitting outside watching the waves.
Afternoons are for lying on the beach, soaking in the sun, taking in God's creation.
In the evenings special suppers, to satisfy the hunger built up swimming and being outside.
Night walks on the beach, random shopping trips, dressing up to go eat, spending un-interrupted time with the people I love.

I just sighed the sigh to end all big sighs.
No beach for me this year. Not sure about next year.

I fall in love with the beach every time I go.
There is something about it that makes my heart feel peaceful and at rest.
Not sure what it is, but it will always be a place where I feel 'at home'.

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