Friday, November 12, 2010

A Subject in Italics

Thoughts are a funny thing.
Sometimes you can have them without being conscious that you are thinking a certain thought.
You can think something without making a decision to think about that thought.
Just a random thought for you.

Another thought that I thought lately is; the fact that music can effect your mood in a noticeable way.
Or maybe it is just me.
Take tonight for example, I was in a strange mood (it was a strange day), and the song 'Ramblings of a Begger' by Shawn McDonald made me question what I was feeling, almost in a negative way, I felt sad and it reminded me of the pain I've been feeling for other people who are hurting.
After that I listened to the song 'Waltz in 3' by the same artist, and it replaced my previous thoughts with one's of hopefulness and an optimistic thoughtfulness.
Still in the mood of hopeful, optimistic thinking 'Over the Rainbow' also by Shawn McDonald, gave me goosebumps, because I love this song and because I have always wanted to be able to sing like this.
In conclusion 'Shadowlands' by Shawn, again, has always made me smile and want to dance (I frequently do).

I am also thinking about change some.........but, it is a semi-depressing subject right now, and I am still enjoying my Shawn McDonald-induced happythoughtfuloptimistic mood :)

be thoughtful

PS- All songs can be found here;

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