Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hello, I know that this shocks everyone, me posting only three days after my last one. But this is a goodbye post, I'm leaving tomorrow for FLORIDA!!!!! So, I'll miss you guys, lol, well, maybe a little bit. Anyways, yesterday was NOT a good day, for anyone who missed me at church I was VERY sick. It started that morning while I was at work, I barely made it home and just collasped in bed. I started to feel a little better around 4 p.m., but by 6 I felt horrible again. And I went to bed feeling horrible, I feel a little better this morning, but I WILL be better by tomorrow. So you guys try not to have too much fun while I'm gone, don't do anything embarressing, so I can't laugh at you, lol. Although interesting things always seem to happen while I'm gone, oh well. We are leaving tomorrow after my dad gets off work and driving through the night, taking turns, so you guys pray that I don't take the wrong highway or something and end up in Mexico, lol. We should get there about noon, and we have a week of complete and total relaxation, try not to be too jealous. Well I better go, the phones are ringing again. Be Free
(and see ya in a week)

Monday, August 27, 2007

For Morgan

This is for Morgan since she apparently does'ent have anything better to do than bug about a new post, nah, I love ya girl. Anyway, my weekend was pretty uneventful, Sat. my family and I did some projects around the house, and yesterday was.....interesting. We had my dad's 'band buddies' over, and their families, which was over 45 people, most of them kids. AND there were four guitars plugged into amps, two pianos, a base, and a tamborine. The only good thing was there wasen't any drums.......this time. Than all the girls decided to play Apples to Apples, which, I think, is one of THE loudest games EVER, well, when played by 15 girls. It would not have been so bad if Sun. was not like my only day of complete relaxation, not yesterday!!! Oh, I have to tell you guys this amazing (to me) story, its such a God thing. Well, I have been wanting some board shorts for a while, for vacation at the beach, but I could not find any. I went to a concert a few months ago and saw this girl with the exact shorts that I wanted, and they were ROXY (its like a surf brand), so I went up on their website. HOLY COW, they were SO expensive, the cheapest pair I found were $40 and they went up to $80. Besides the fact that there are no ROXY stores around here, they just sell SOME of their stuff in other stores. So I was ready to give up, bye-bye my mental picture of me being the envy of everyone on the beach in Florida, lol. Fri. I went thrift store shopping with my mom, (it is so much fun, if you have never done it, or have not done it in a while I would HIGHLY reccomend it, I'll even go with you, ;), anyway, I'm just browsing through the shorts, which is not something I usually do because I NEVER find anything, and what do I find but a pair of ROXY board shorts, just my size and in colors I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is so amazing, to think that He cares about little things like that. Well, I hope that satisfies you Morg., when are you gonna get your own blog so I can bug you? lol. BE FREE

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Whazzzzz up????? Nothing much here, just at work, bored, again, lol. Had an awesome weekend, Sat. my sisters, dad, and I went to Frontier City which was very.........interesting, the lines were SO long, we stood in line for five hours and rode two rides, yeah I know, its ridiculous. But we did'ent go to Frontier City to just ride the rides; No, we went to see the awesome Canadian rockers; Hawk Nelson. They are amazing, I had an awesome time, I love concerts, and I got their autographs, always a plus to any concert. Than Sun. was my Family/a few friends b-day party, it was fun, we even played volleyball, even though it was BLISTERING hot. Like I said we had a great time, even though SOMEONE did'ent come, (you know who you are, and yes I'm mad at you, :). We played cards after dinner and it got pretty crazy, lol, but that is what makes it so fun. Tonight I'm going to a baseball game, I'm excited, I haven't been to a baseball game in forever, and I love going, I'm not a big fan of baseball, but there is just something about going to game that is so............American, lol. Well, I hope this satisfys SOME people who were complaining about me never posting on my blog, Peace Out.
Be Free

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I had the most awesome 18th birthday!!!! It was amazing, I had my birthday DAY on Fri., a day before my real birthday. And my mom and I went and got a manicure and a pedicure, OMG, I can't even explain it, its something you just have to experience your-self, I would highly reccomend one to anyone, just PLEASE take me with you, :). Than we went to the mall and ate lunch, and got our make-up done at Dillards, that was really fun, I have never felt more pampered, someone painting my nails, than someone putting on my make-up for me, I could SOOOOO get used to this, lol. Next we went to Claire's and I got my ears pierced, OWWWWW, it really hurt, and it hurts worse now than it did than, for some reason. But I'm glad I did it, in eight weeks I'll be even more glad! And last but not least my dad took my mom and I out to eat at a VERY nice resteruant on Lake Hefiner, ( have never seen so many tanned legs in my life, its like don't you girls have anything better to do than go to the tanning salon? I guess not, lol) That is about it, I still have two parties though, one for family and one for friends, I love having a birthday!!! Well, I gotta go, have a goofy day.
Be Free,