Saturday, July 25, 2009


I leave to go to Africa in four days....that is really fast!! I'm getting a little nervous, which is weird, because I was not nervous last year. Maybe that is because I never let myself actually think about it very much, you know the whole 'no passport' thing. Anyways, I'm nervous about; being on a plane for 34 hours, about going to another country, about getting malaria, about some things going on at home, about giving a testimony on purity, about spending my birthday with total strangers, and about coming home, I know that sounds weird. On the other hand I am VERY VERY VERY VERY excited about going!!! I have dreamed about going to Africa for as long as I have been going to Western Hills. I am looking forward to; traveling to another country, meeting new people, seeing how mature I really am and how I handle being gone from home for 2 1/2 weeks, spending time with Megan, building my relationship with Jesus, the beach, and so much more.

Just some of my thoughts, and yes, there have been me. (I'm a girl, thinking about stuff is what I do, ALL the time lol)

For anyone who is interested here is a timeline for my trip;

July 30- Leave OKC (I'll be at the airport at 9 am, my flight leaves at noon)

July 31- Arrive Mombasa Kenya 10 pm

August 1_2- setup for conference

August 3_7- Pastor's conference (everyday the youth will go out to different church's and give testimony's)

August 8_10- Crusades with local pastor's

August 11- clean up & shop

August 12_13- Safari

August 14- Start flying back

August 15- Arrive home around 8 pm (I'll get back with you on the exact time)

Thats about it.....I should prolly start doing some packing now, and I still have a little bit of shopping to do.
I'm going to miss everyone SOOOO much, but I know that time will fly (it always does) and I'll be back too soon.

be free