Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hey peeps, yeah I'm still here. This time I'm cold, and still a little hungry :) I can't believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I heard on the radio that the average Thanksgiving dinner is 71,000 calories...............yeah, I already feel fat. So, I have been sick for three and a half weeks now, I've been taking so much stuff, my mom just keeps shoving stuff at me lol. If I don't feel better by next week I'm going to the Doctor, this is not fun. I'm off tomorrow!!! I'm so happy, I only worked two days this week, which sucks, at the same time 'cause my paycheck is going to suck lol. No Character First today, I know it sounds bad, but I'm glad, sometimes you just need a break. Christmas is 33 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Christmas, I could totally skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas! Talk to ya later peace.
Be Free ~noel~

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I'm soooooo hungry, on CF days I never get a real lunch 'cause I get off 10 min. before I have to go t0 my first school. So I'm sitting here eating my chex mix wanting a hamburger, I have to stop thinking about it. I am loving this weather!!! Especialy since I got a cute new coat, and now I get to wear it......LOL........I'm such a girl :). Two weeks ago was my brothers b-day, and guess what? We forgot it, all day long, no one remembered, isen't that terrible?????? I felt really bad, thankfully he is only 7 so hopefully he'll forget it, maybe. I gotta go, if anyone is still reading these, see ya latah.
Be Free!