Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the sirens call

There is one thing that we all have in common.
No matter where we live or what we do.
An emotion that everyone has experienced, whether or not they have always been loved, or had their heart broken.
A period in time that for a split second there is unity in something that actually causes the opposite of unity.


But mostly alone.
Everyone thinks it.
Maybe at home, school, work, even with friends.
You think that you are the only one going through something, or that feels something, or thinks something.
Your thoughts start with;
I am they only one....
No one has ever....
No one understands....
Why am I.....

The very thing that we all have in common makes us feel alone.

God has made some pretty hefty promises about this.
Promises that would be impossible for anyone else to keep.
But, God can. He WILL never leave me. He will never forsake me. He will ALWAYS work things out for my own good.
Fact; I am never alone.

We had a very interesting discussion in class tonight, it was really good.
And it sparked this train of thought, that led to a conclusion that I have never thought of before.....
We were talking about our sin nature, and why God doesn't take it away when He saves us?
It would be so much easier if there was not that constant struggle every single day between what is right and what is wrong. If I was not constantly battling my flesh, if I automatically chose the right response. Without even thinking.
God saved me, from my sins, but I think that He saves me every day from my FLESH. Which might be where the whole 'work out your salvation with fear and trembling' thing might come in.......
If God was to take away that battle, would it be a cop out? Does God love me too much to give me the easy way? Would I feel as close to God if I didn't have to work for it? And do things that I am just given ever mean as much as the things that take effort?
(On a complete side note; From God's perspective; what would be the purpose of creating something that didn't need you? That didn't require your involvement every day on a consistent basis? Isn't that the whole reason of creation?)
My conclusion (so far) is this; I (we) choose to sin, it only makes sense that we have to CHOOSE to be holy.
That is just.
And there is no excuse, everyone chooses to sin, no matter who they are. We even keep choosing wrong AFTER we know the Truth.
How disgusting is that?
The truth is, if I choose to look at it this way (wow, there is that word again, choose), every struggle is an opportunity to love God. To serve Him. By making that right choice, and using the Holy Spirit's power to make it through the obstacles.
Another fact; there IS evil in the world, nothing can change that. Again, we made that choice.
God, in His mercy, provides us with everything we need to defeat it. Starting, and ending, with ourselves.

I am all-theology-ed out.
That is quite a bit of deep thinking for so late :)
Have a blessed week, give evil a swift kick in the pants from me.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Penny for Your Thoughts

My thoughts are worth more than that, just in the fact that I have so many.
Though I think that they (thoughts)  are often like beauty, their value is attached by the individual, not as a collective whole. Some people's thoughts are more important to me than others, and I'm sure it works the other way around as well.
Many of my thoughts have generated out of the last few weeks, and what I have discovered is that a change of routine does much to change how or what I think about.
I love my routine, I think most people do. They have a certain way of doing things, in a certain order. Sure, we all like a little adventure, or surprise, but only a little, when we expect it.
My routine is drastically changed from what it was, say 4 months ago. I got a job; the biggest thing. It also feels like God is changing my whole paradigm, or world view. The priorities that I used to have are changing, the things I felt so strongly called to are shifting. And not even anything big being put in their place, just a feeling of wait. Be cautious, step back, let other people do that.
I am not really a wait, step back, let other people do that kind of girl.
Maybe that is why this is happening.........Silly I know.
Praying for the grace to accept changes, because I know the reason of the hope that I have within me.

be free