Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Penny for Your Thoughts

My thoughts are worth more than that, just in the fact that I have so many.
Though I think that they (thoughts)  are often like beauty, their value is attached by the individual, not as a collective whole. Some people's thoughts are more important to me than others, and I'm sure it works the other way around as well.
Many of my thoughts have generated out of the last few weeks, and what I have discovered is that a change of routine does much to change how or what I think about.
I love my routine, I think most people do. They have a certain way of doing things, in a certain order. Sure, we all like a little adventure, or surprise, but only a little, when we expect it.
My routine is drastically changed from what it was, say 4 months ago. I got a job; the biggest thing. It also feels like God is changing my whole paradigm, or world view. The priorities that I used to have are changing, the things I felt so strongly called to are shifting. And not even anything big being put in their place, just a feeling of wait. Be cautious, step back, let other people do that.
I am not really a wait, step back, let other people do that kind of girl.
Maybe that is why this is happening.........Silly I know.
Praying for the grace to accept changes, because I know the reason of the hope that I have within me.

be free

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