Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A sabbatical

That is where I have been. It sounds much better than 'way too busy to do anything but the most basic things and survive until a time when I can catch my breath and start doing things like this again.' See what I mean?
Even now, as I am taking the time to do this, I see a huge pile of clothes to put up, invitations to finish, papers to go through, and a room to clean.
Such is life. And right now my life consists of wedding plans, house remodel, and talking about Jesus to anyone I can find. Oh, and a wonderful fiancé, but that goes with the wedding part.
Did I just say wedding?? I did, didn't I? I am getting married. In a little over a month. It feels completely unreal..... Until I see the dress hanging in my closet, the invitations being sent out, and a house that will soon be mine.
What an overwhelming sense of 'this cannot be happening to me', coupled with, 'how am I so blessed?'
If you have a moment pray for me, I know that is selfish in a way, but I could use God's peace and wisdom right now. I have no idea what I am doing :) its great!
be free