Thursday, October 29, 2009


.....that crazy thing that happens when you open your eyes each day

The funny thing about life is it just keeps going, there is no stopping it. Doesn't matter if it is hard and stressful, you can not make it speed up, or just skip a few days. Or if it is good, and you feel like you want this moment to last forever. Life stops for no one, its an unchangeable...but lets not go there, I don't feel like singing :P

Do you ever feel like you are looking forward to something too much? Like all the hype and anticipation you have built up will never compare to the real thing? I think that is part of my personality, I love the anticipation of things. The waiting, the thinking......and sometimes, when 'it' actually comes, it is a let down. I have learned to counteract that personality trait with not expecting things, always thinking in the back of mind, 'it might not happen'.


This made me very happy......this gum tastes just like the Novida Pineapple soda from Africa

Thank you Sarah! :)


I have been thinking about 'growing up' alot lately. Not sure why, but I have some thoughts (of course lol)...................

I've always thought of being 'grown up' as boring, or at least 'not fun'. Something about all the responsibility, and having so much pressure from everywhere to 'DO' something with you life.
Everyday it seems like someone asks me 'the question'; What are you doing???? I need to just carry around a business card that says; I do NOT have a job, career path, college classes, boyfriend, or plan for my life........nor do I care what you think, and please keep all thoughts, opinions and advice to yourself.
But that'd be rude, and slightly expensive.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that MAYBE I'm exactly where I am supposed to be? That MAYBE God wants me here at this point in my life. And MAYBE the creator of the universe KNOWS what He is doing........*GASP*

New motto; Life is complicated......get over it.

Anyways, I said all that to say that I have a new thought about being 'grown up'........
.............Being grown up is when I am:

*comfortable with myself

*secure in who I am in Christ

*not trying to impress people

*accepting my responsibilities, but not allowing them to rule my life

*able to get out of my 'box' in order to make others feel more comfortable in theirs

*realizing that I will never be done learning

*striving to make the best of each day, because I don't know if I will have a tomorrow

*knowing that laughter really is the best medicine

*having my priorities straight; (1) God, (2) Family, (3) Friends

*fulfilling my true calling; being a LIGHT to as many people as I can

*dreaming about the future....that is getting closer all the time (EEEEEKKK!!!)


On a lighter note; Fall is here! And I've decided to give the whole 'cool weather' thing another chance. Perhaps I've judged too harshly and put Summer up on a pedestal.......Last night I kind of enjoyed the shock of the cool breeze, and the crisp scent of the air. I suppose that means I have to give sweaters, boots, jackets, gloves, scarfs and hats another shot too.........So this week I promise not to complain, and find as much joy in 'dressing up' as possible :)

life is good~eternal life is better~happy is a yuppy word, guess that makes me a yuppy~I like being random~Jesus loves me~music is life, or pretty close anyways~I miss Africa~I'm singing a song for church for the first time; ever~my eyes are blue!!!~procrastinating is all fun and games til you have to do something~new hobby; photography-ish~looking forward to lots of stuff~

be free

PS I couldn't find a song that fit my here is a picture of something that always makes me happy :)


Lauren said...

haha, that was good, Noel! I like your business card idea, it made me laugh! :)

Whitney said...

YOUR THE BEST!!! I think I could just copy your post pretty much word for word. Love you! And thanks for being my friend!

~mirage noel~ said...

Thanks Whitney! :)
you're pretty much amazing yourself, love ya too.