Tuesday, November 24, 2009


tears fall.
searching. for words to say
thoughts. strangely empty
mind. numb, unfeeling
heart. hurt. bruised and broken. shattered, but still beating.

Longing for home, my real home. heaven. oh happy day.......

Outpouring of emotion.
Desperate plea; 'Oh God, take me as You find me. Heal me from the inside out. Crush me. Try me. Use me. Fill me. Break through these walls. Bring me low.'

Tired of being 'me'; sinful. selfish. lazy. unkind. shallow. judgemental. prideful. worldly. stupid.

To say that I need Jesus seems inadequate. But I can't seem to find another word.......

*want *covet *desperate *longing * essential *desire *crave *necessity *hunger *require *yearn *thirst *imperative

(me without Jesus --*destitute *void *drought *inadequacy *empty *lost *dying *dry *poor *homeless *damned)

Out of all those the one that 'clicked' with me was 'YEARN'.

-shows the depth and passion of the desire
-implies a wholehearted desire for something that seems unattainable
-restless or insistent craving to fulfil some urge or desire
-physical or emotional suffering as a result of the apparent hopelessness of one's desire

Jesus, I yearn for You


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