Sunday, December 7, 2008

Take a Breath or Two

Do you ever feel like you are going through life at the speed of a rocket? I am sure that everyone does, because I sure do. I feel like life is passing me by so fast that I can't possibly be experiencing it all. SLOW DOWN!!! Seriously, I am the kind of girl who likes to savor things, I like to think about it and anticipate it. I hate the end of things; end of vacation, end of Christmas, end of basketball, end of You Grow, end of another year of life. That one is really depressing, to think that 19 years of my life have already passed, and I can never be any of those ages ever again.

I love Christmas!!! It is my favorite holiday, the only thing that I do not like is how fast it goes by. Do you realize that there is only two and a half weeks left until Christmas, and in less than a month it will be 2009??????? Unreal.

Today I feel like I am taking a deep breath before 'plunging' into the next two weeks. I think we have something going almost everyday, especially on the weekends. Crazy!!

I am also excited too, I like having something to do. Especially when that something is basketball! Even though it kills me every time to see those girls out there, without me. I still love it, and coaching isn't too bad lol. At least I get to yell at people :p.

Well, I hope that SOME people are happy.........and I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!! Merry Christmas!!!!

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megan said...

Hey Noel! I got blog! Check it out sometime! :)