Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Tis the season......of what?

I am not in a Christmas spirit.

I do not know why.

It is really bugging me.

Now, it might have something to do with the fact that I have been sick the last three days, and today I was in bed all day. Or maybe I am just in a funk, and will feel differently tomorrow or the next day. It might be that as I am getting older I thinking about things in a different way, and my thoughts are all saying what is Christmas really about?
I know all the cliche's, about it being about Christ's birth and celebrating His coming. That it is the season of giving and showing love to others.
But what does that really mean? What does that have to do with all the baking, decorations, presents, trees, and weird Christmas sweaters?
Why is it such a big deal? Personally I think Easter is a bigger holiday than Christmas, it actually celebrates what Christianity is all about; the salvation of all mankind.

Maybe I'm just a scrooge, and will dream about ghosts tonight.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, just to be clear. I just think that it gets glamorized a lot of the time. All the focus is on the glitter and lights, and the little baby in the barn gets ignored. My challenge to you is to remember how CHRISTmas became a holiday in the first place, and not get swept away by the Hollywood-ness of it all.

"Dear Jesus,
Happy Birthday! Thank you for coming as a little child and showing us how big Your love is for us, and how small we are. I am sorry for getting caught up in the 'magic' of Christmas and forgetting about the miracle that is You. I love You."

be free

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