Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Basketball is starting tonight!! Well, this afternoon, I'm really excited..........and out of shape, lol. That part I'm not looking forward to, but I am ready to learn new plays, get better at old ones, and see if I'm any better than last year. My weekend was fun, well Sat. was, that morning we went to my dad's work (the U.S. Postal Training center), and my sisters and I got to ride the 60 foot zip line!!!!! It was awesome!!! I wanted to go again, but one of my sisters (I'm not saying which) got seriously freaked out, and was up there sitting on the platform for like 20 minutes. It was kinda sad, really funny, and a little bit frustrating, I mean JUST GO ALREADY!!! LOL. Oh, and the guy who was in charge of it was from England, I LOVE accents, so that just made it twice as fun. Than after that we went to my great-grandparents house out in Wewoka(out in the boonies, trust me), and went four-wheeling. That is a blast, I gave my little brothers a ride, but Miykah got to DRIVE for the first time, I know, we were all scared. Anyway, he did pretty good until he got used to it, so he decided to give it a LITTLE more gas when he went over a jump................yeah well, he kinda found a tree, but thankfully it was a fir tree so the four-wheeler is fine, oh, and he is too, lol. Sunday was a little more challenging, my mom was sick so everyone got to stay home except for me. I had to go to church, 'cause I had to drive my dad to his work afterwards so he could get his car. So, I sat in the auditorium for 2 1/2 hours, starving, listening to 'the band' play. After while I got out my ipod and that was fun, although there were 'people' there so I coulden't go ALL out. Though, afterwards Jon and Blake were making fun of me (they said I was 'dancing', but how can I dance SITTTING in a pew?), so I just said that they were jealous of my awesome moves, LOL, yeah. Well, I better go, I hope you enjoyed this look into a weekend of my life, its never boring! Love you guys, thanks for being amazing friends!! Be Free~

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Whitney said...

That sounds really cool, especially the part about the English guy, I absolutely love the English accent. Love it!!! anyway sounds like fun. I don't know if I am ready for basketball to start I mean after it gets started I am not going to have any free time. Ok anyway see you tonight