Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Freezing COLD!

Hey peeps,
I'm freezing cold, as you may have guessed, and I have decided that I don't like winter anymore, now that I have to wear skirts everyday. NOT fun, I'm thinking about writing a petition about girls wearing pants in church, lol. BTW, if any of you left a comment, the reason why it is not posted is because I put in the wrong e-mail address for the comments to be sent, so sorry. Comment again! lol. Well its been two weeks, but I can't think of much to write about.......let me think a minute.........Camping was fun, I saw three shooting stars, my first, and it was relaxing. I got out my winter clothes, and I have NOTHING! Why does this happen every season? I know that next year I'll get out my spring clothes and say the same thing, I have nothing! lol. I am going to train our dog, my dad said that he had to be trained or we were getting rid of him, so I, being the major sucker for animals that I am, said I would train him. So wish me luck, because I really want to keep him! I would write more but its time for me to get off, and us much as I like talking to you guys, I'd rather go home, lol. Peace out.
Be Free

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Dereks mama aka Mrs. Foster said...

The reason why you say you have nothing is because were women and we like shopping lol........ good luck with the dog training I am not much on animals however derek can give you some good advice on training cause I made him train his in order to keep him.