Monday, October 8, 2007

Rocked Out!

Whaz up, whaz going on, whaz happenin? Its pretty busy here (at work), the carpet is being ripped up so its really LOUD. Just wanted to tell ya'll about my weekend, Fri. my dad took the afternoon off work and we went to the Tulsa Fair. It was nice, I liked it. We rode some rides, ate lots of fried food, (of course, that is what a fair is about!), and stared at all the weird people, there were a bunch of those! But the main reason we went was to go to a concert, Switchfoot, it was awesome, I've never been to a concert at the fair. We got really good seats too, and, the best part, it was free with admission to the fair. Saturday was good, mostly because OU won, (BOOMER SOONER), if they had not, well, I woulden't even mention it, lol. Today, after work, I'm going to Incredible Pizza for my brothers b-day party. To all of those people who have never been to Incredible Pizza, its well, incredible. No, really I like it, the food is really good, and you pay one price to get in, and you can eat all day! LOL. This weekend my family is going camping with some other families, so next week I should have some funny, or at least interesting stories for you!
See ya later, *breathing carpet glue fumes*,
Be Free ~noel~

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