Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hey its me.......and I'm sick. I have had a cold/allergies for the past two days, and its not really getting any better. So I'm not going to be able to make it to the OFPC banquet tonight, I'm kinda bummed about that. Hopefully, I'll be better by tomorrow, or I'll just stay home and miss CF training, so sad, lol. Nah, I'm sure I'll be better. I can't think of anything else to talk about, um, only 3 months 'till Christmas!!!!!! I love Christmas. I'm thinking about having a Christmas party this year, doesen't that sound grown up? lol. But I diden't get to have a big birthday party, and now its a little late, so I thought it might be fun to go ice-skating, or see a movie or something. I don't know, I just want to party!!! I haven't been to one in forever, poor me. My tan is fading, *sniff*, on my face anyway, it diden't even last a month! Can I just move to the beach? This post is very random, sorry if I'm boring anyone, but than again, blogs aren't supposed to be for other people, they're for you. Kinda like an online journal, creepy. Well, I'd better go before I start writing about purple chickens or flying cows, *what the?* anyways, Love you guys, and thanks for caring enough, or just being bored enough to read my ramblings. Be free!!!


Whitney said...

Hey I like the sound of a party. My birthday is in a month maybe I will do something so you don't have to wait until christmas to party;) Well looks like we have another oppurtunity to do impromtu's, Mr. Jestes said that we are doing them again next week.

FreeToFly said...

Did you ask him?
Man, oh well, maybe he'll just make the newbies do it (I'm not a newbie, lol)

DOT (Maria) said...

you posted yeah! I know how you feel about your tan fading mine is to. But at least I got a tan this year normally I just burn or stay white. ttyl