Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm bored....I really should try to stretch my work out a little longer, so that I don't sit here for two hours with nothing to do. I am going to have a goofy day though!!! Sorry, inside joke. My weekend was interesting, we went to Dallas for my cousin's b-day party, there is nothing like 20 kids 12 and under running around screaming, all hyped up on sugar. Than we went to church at our old church, the one we went to when I was a baby, I was hugged so many times by people I did'ent know, OMG. And this is a sample of the conversation; "Oh my goodness I can't believe you're almost 18, I remember when I changed your diaper, I feel so old, ect." It was, interesting, thankfully I have some friends there too, so I did get to talk to people a little closer to my age. :)
On the way back from Dallas we dropped off my sisters at Megan Bullock's slumber party, which she tells me WHEN I get there that I was invited, but it was a little late, 'cause I had to go to work this morning, ahhhhh, the price of responsibility. I hope they did'ent have too much fun without me. I am going to have fun tonight, because my dad is in South Carolina on a buissness trip so we get to have a GIRL movie night!!!!! We don't get to many of those, I think we're going to watch an Auderey Hepburn movie, I love her!!!! Have a Goofy Day!!!
BE FREE!!!!!!!


basketballzgr8fun5 said...

Ok, I wont lie we did have alot of fun, but it would have been alot more fun with you there. I did think of you once or twice which is alot considering the time I didn't have to just sit and think with 18 screaming girls everywhere.
I hope your work gets longer or your days get shorter, Morgan

Whitney said...

I totally understand the whole responsibility thing. I also know what you mean about the old church, and people hugging you left and right, sounds like you had a fun time. Have a good week.

DOT (Maria) said...

Morgan is right we did have a lot of fun without you. But I did think of you.


FreeToFly said...

AHHHH, thanks Ms.(Morgan and Maria)
I did have a good time!!