Monday, July 23, 2007

I feel soooooo stupid....................I just locked my-self out of my OWN office, lol. Thankfully there was someone there to open the door for me, but I felt pretty dumb.
My weekend was good, Sat. my family and I worked outside all day, it has been a while since we really cleaned outside. And we are going to have a garage sale this Fri. so we cleaned out a few rooms in our house, we had a TON of junk, it was disgusting!!! Sun. we had some families over from church, the ones that my dad plays with(as in music, not toys). I think we had around 45 people, talk about LOUD, besides all of those kids, my dad and his 'band' had their guitars, keyboard, and drums going, some of them with amps. I'm just glad we don't have microphones, yet. So that was my weekend, very tiring, now I'm ready to rest, but........there is no rest for the working people, lol.
Well gotta go, lunch is calling.
Be Free,

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