Wednesday, February 9, 2011

whispers of violet.

Yawning, I stretch as much as I can in the driver's seat of my little grey car.
My eyes feel itchy and tired.
It had been a long day, made even longer by the numbing headache that has been my constant companion.
Watching the road, intent on getting home, where food and bed awaits me, my mind wanders. Thoughts from the day, and feelings of pity for myself were the main themes.
I happen to glance up, heading West, and my breath catches.
The color starts on the left, light peach mixes with a blushing pink, spreading across the sky to the orange center.
To the right whispers of violet, etched in clouds, feather across the sky. The purple hue blending to blue then back to violet again.
My fingers itch for my camera, or a paintbrush (obviously forgetting that they have never painted a decent picture). Every part of my being longing to capture the beauty that is in front of me.
I sigh. Overwhelmed by the delicate, but awe-inspiring grace of the sunset.
As the seconds tick by the sky changes, subtle but sure. The pink fades, the violet slowly disappears into the blueish black of night.
In less than 5 minutes I experienced one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and just like that it was gone.
Slipped away, to the other side of the world.
But, captured in my heart and memory.
The thing I kept pondering was the fact that the sunset happens everyday, just like the sun rises, and the stars 'come out'.
It is a constant.
And God made it beautiful.
Not only does He make it beautifully colorful, with light and shadows. But He makes it different every single time, no sunset is the same as any time the sun has set before it.
Every time the sun slips behind the horizon it displays a depth of creativity, and a passion for beauty.
God loves beauty. Even in things that seem not to matter.
I try to imagine this part of His nature, coupled with His power, and knowledge, His sense of justice and jealousy of anything or anyone that might take away from that.
It is difficult. I know that God is not some sissy, artistic type, that talks with a lisp and doesn't like to hurt trees.
He is strong, brave, righteous, holy, full of honor, worthy of reverence and fear, who in the old testament killed whole families for the indiscretion of one man.
He is kind, loving, merciful, full of grace, passionate, gentle, understanding, a painter of sunsets, grower of flowers, nurturing, who loves children and cares about little birds.
I don't know how He fits all of that together, how all of that exists in Him, but it does.
He is.
All of that. And so much more.
Anything I can try to say about Him falls so short.

My last thought, for this post, is;
If this is the God I serve, and I believe that it is, then my only response can be total and complete surrender.
The only appropriate worship and adoration being to spend my whole life knowing Him, falling more in love with Him, and abandoning everything in order to follow Him.

be abandoned, *to God*


DOT (Maria) said...

Wow! this is so TRUE!
Very well written.


Megan Leeann said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.
I love sunsets. I love this. :)