Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Great Romance

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not.

He really loves me.
Forever and throughout all of eternity.

And this is best kind of romance, the greatest love story ever told.
Where the Hero gives everything for the girl, who is held captive by the most evil villain in all of time, history and space.
There is no getting to know each other, or debate over 'is this the right one?'
There is no one else, no other champion or savior.
No one that can save me from sin. Or myself.

Only Him.
And no one else.

In return for all of me, He promises to take care of me, to bless and protect me. To never forsake me.
He will always listen, always understand, and never back away.
When it feels like my world is falling apart His arms are there, holding me up, His hand stroking my hair, and His strong but gentle voice reassures me that He has everything under control.
There is no one stronger, more tender, or all powerful.

No one judges me in this relationship, or think its weird that He goes everywhere I go.
No one questions my loyalty, or thinks that I love Him more than I do them. Because I do, and its okay.

And even though He is continually breaking my heart I don't feel betrayed.
In my brokenness there is healing, and my love for Him is multiplied.

We never grow tired of each other's company, or run out of things to say.
He writes amazing love letters, and I try to sing Him songs.
He paints me pictures, in the sunset, and I am blown away.

I have forgotten Him, stood Him up, left Him, ignored Him, betrayed Him, disobeyed Him, and yelled at Him.
He doesn't care.
He forgives me, fights for me, takes me back, protects me, pursues me, and never ever stops loving me.

If there ever was an unconditional love this is it.
If there ever was a perfect fairy tale, this is it.
If there ever was anyone more undeserving, I am her.

Song of the Captive Princess

Would You open up my eyes
And show me the light
Take me away from this place
Would You open up my eyes and show me the light
'Cause I cannot make it alone
I need You, I need You
I need you, yes I need You
To free me
-shawn mcdonald


Anonymous said...

Noel, that is the most beautiful thing I've ever read! I read it to my mom and she asked me to print it out so she could put it in her bible. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)
I love you!

Lauren said...

Stunningly breathtaking.