Saturday, October 9, 2010

enough is enough, or is it?

I write whenever I need to get something out. I think that most girls talk about these things to other people, but I have a hard time expressing myself in the moment. Writing is how I can clearly articulate how I am feeling, and what I am thinking about.

Whenever life gets 'hard' I usually have this thought; I wish life could be simple again, like when I was younger.
And today I wondered if one of the reasons why life is harder now is because God is working on me, and my character.
The analogy of the clay and the potter has always been one of my favorites, and I can see it in my life.
I am the lumpy clay, and God is working out those lumps, one day at a time.
Some of those stupid lumps keep coming back, and at times I think I'm done and hop off of the wheel.
I think that God made us out of a special clay, because no matter how many times He puts me into the fire I'm not done, He throws a little water on me and gets back to smoothing and correcting.
The truth that 'I am not made for time, but for eternity', is very applicable here.
There would be no point to keep working on me if all of my worth and usefulness was on this earth, I am never going to be 'perfect'.
But in eternity, I will be the perfect vessel, full of Holiness and righteousness.

This sounds well and good, when I remember it.
But, alas!! We are a forgetful people.
And I must confess that so many times when I am feeling the pressure on my lumps I want to say; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I'm good enough, I'm tired of being worked on, I don't care if you have done wondrous things through me, I want my way, off of this table.

This pot needs an attitude adjustment. Maybe a good pounding, or two.

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Lindy said...

Good post..... thanks for sharing this.