Thursday, March 11, 2010

poor little rich me

I never really understood the analogy of life being like a winding road before the last year or so. I knew that life had surprises, but I had no idea how quickly the turns in the road happen, or how completely different the scenery is.
My life has changed so much in the past two years, in the past year, and even the past 6 months. Its crazy! I think about this often, but more so in the past couple of weeks. I am raising money to go to Africa again this year, and to be honest it is slightly overwhelming.
Last year I already had my money raised from the year before, and the money I need to raise this year is three times that amount. Plus I need funds for 3 other mission projects in the U.S. This has changed the way I think, drastically.

I remember when I had a job a year and a half ago, (has it really been that long???), how very different my thought process was.
If I really wanted something, I saved up for a little while and bought it. About once a month or so I would go shopping, cause thats what girls do, and maybe buy something(s).

I made several big purchases; computer, camera, redecorated my room, and paid for several mission trips out of my own pocket.
It is amazing how things change, that kind of thinking is foreign to me now. Not just the lacking a job/steady income/income at all, but my focus is different.

Just a few days ago I had a random thought; I wish I had a pair of Toms. I have these often, everyone does. They see something that is cool and wish they could have it too. But this time I stopped and thought about how back when I had my job I wouldn't have thought twice about buying some Toms. I might have saved for a month or so, or maybe just went out and bought them. Now, its not even a serious thought really. I would like some, but when you're trying to save as much as you can no matter how small $50 or $60 is a HUGE deal. And when I think about it there is no comparison. Period.

Think about it;


or shoes__

yeah.....I don't feel cheated at all :)

poor, but so very rich!

be free


Peter said...

I don't like having 0 comments. should get a comment. I can commiserate with wanting things versus needing things, wanting to have something but not being able to justify spending money on it. It's a battle. Sometimes I win...and other times I lose. I lose most often with little costs. It's easy to buy a hamburger impulsively than a pair of 30 dollar shoes. Anyway. Just thinking. You should post more. :)

Ashley said...

I randomly came across your blog by clicking "next blog" and I just wanted to say it's very inspirational. I read a couple of your latest posts. God is so good and it's great to find other people who are really trying to grow in Him. Have no doubt that He will provide for your mission trip(s). God bless! Keep shining the light of Jesus!