Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009_a year of learning_

I suppose that when I get older New Year's will be less dramatic and important. Right now though it is pretty cool, a brand new year. A whole year has gone by. Just the mystery of it, what is going to happen in 2010? How am I going to change? And what will I learn?

2009 seems like it just started, and yet the last year has been the most life-changing for me so far. I feel much older somehow, while at the same time knowing how young and naive I really am.

I will never forget some of the things that happened last year, they have shaped my character and personality into something completely different.

{2009} - You have stretched me beyond myself.

January and February was basketball, basketball and more basketball. I helped coach, along with running the clock and keeping the book, both very valuable life skills.
In March I planned, shopped, packed, and cooked for the ski trip (with Whitney). 3 meals a day, 40 people, 7 days.
April marked the beginning of conference season and most of my time was devoted to Character Focus. Through April and May I helped with 3 Children's Conference's, one a trip to Arkansas where I participated in 2 youth led revivals. I started teaching Sunday school in May, and I love it! My group, 10-12, has changed the way I view 'kids', and I am continually amazed by how smart they are.
In June we had our church VBS, or Character Week, it was done a little different this time, and I was in charge of a team for the first time. The responsibility was a challenge, but one I very much enjoyed. I also was able to talk with Jose, he was a 2nd grader I taught in Character First all year, then he came to Character Week. He started asking me questions, and I had the privilege of leading him to Jesus :).
July was slower, started watching the Truth Project with the leadership team, and I will be forever changed by those discussions. Was able to play basketball in some scrimmages, and found out that I'm not as old as I thought.
The end of July was the beginning of the RSI Africa trip to Kenya. This 3 week trip was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Whenever I think about the past year Africa always comes to mind first, every time. There are too many thoughts and emotions about this subject, words can not properly express it, besides this; Africa will be forever etched in my heart.
September; the whole family went to the beach for vacation. 7 amazing, wonderful, relaxing, quiet, beautiful days......*sigh*
October was crazy. Leadership retreat, picture party, camping in the freezing cold. Start of mission day, and BIBLE CLUB! Watched a good friend jump from a plane and hit 3,000 texts for the first time.
November.....most definitely a learning month. I think I wrote more in my journal than the last 3 months combined. Conclusion; God is always faithful. Happiness is not the same as joy. The friends I have are the best ever. My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty, there nothing my God can not do.
I must confess that I was happy to see November go, and December did not disappoint. It was a very good month, so very busy and fun.
Goodbye 2009, you were amazing and have showed me how life is worth it, every second.

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