Thursday, September 3, 2009

Africa - {Part 3}

Now for the fun part :) or fun-er......because the whole trip was amazing!

Tuesday morning (August 12) we went to a market and shopped, that was a lot of fun! The stuff was really cool, so different, and my favorite part was watching people try to barter. The people who owned the shops were hilarious. They acted like you were personally starving their children if you suggested a lower price.......and some were kind of creepy about it.

Tuesday afternoon we left for our safari (which actually means trip or journey), it was a 2 hour drive to the entrance of the park, and another 2 hours until we reached the lodge. It was fun though, we had all the young people in one van, there was much laughter :).

I'm having a hard time thinking of words to say, there is really no way to do it justice.....maybe pictures will be better than words;

Entrance of the Park....
(I found the skulls very reassuring)

Megan, John and Marcus, and our driver; Juumbo

Giraffe we saw on the way in
Voi Safari Lodge

View from lodge - Watering hole

Baboon (soooo ugly lol)


Giraffes.....they were my favorite animal

Leopard (so awesome!)


At some point I became bored with 'another zebra' I took pics of the tourists :P

Marcus and David were bored too.....LOL
David, Marcus, Austin, John, Tate, Megan, and I
I had so much fun with these people, they are
awesome! The trip would not have been the same
without them :)
It was a looooong ride home......poor David :P
The Safari was amazing! I felt like I was in some reality video game of Animal think that I was right there, watching all of those animals. Once in lifetime experience.
I really meant to finish talking about Africa in this post, but the photos took forever........and there is NOT enough time for me to talk about coming home (NIGHTMARE!) or the insane surprise ending to our trip.
(that called a teaser, ladies and gentlemen, tune in next time.....)
be free

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