Monday, June 9, 2008

Waiting, its not what its cracked up to be

'I'm sure God has a plan'

I have heard that more times than I can count over the last week, and while I know its true I can't help but be impatient, I want to know RIGHT NOW what God's plan is. Because, if you ask me, right now I really don't understand, I mean why would God NOT want me to go on a mission trip to serve Him, to lead people to Him?
But, for that very reason, I have not been able to get mad at God, how can I be mad for Him not wanting me to go on a mission trip for Him? My heart would not be in the right place.
So, now I am just trying to find the good around me, and there is A LOT!!! I am starting to realize how very blessed I am, really! Even though many many things may not go exactly my way, who am I to judge what is best?
That sounded good didn't it? Now if I could just remember it the next time something comes up that reminds me of Africa, or rather my not going..........
Just FYI, my passport is still not done......and at this point I really don't care when it gets here, but I would like to 'talk' to someone about the stupid government system that apparently doesn't care either. There, now I feel a little better, having posted my ranting on the Internet :p

In closing, God does have a plan, even when you can't see it and may never. But I do believe that one day I will look back and say 'ahhhh, that's why.' Until then, I will just let it go.

be free

I'm letting go Of the life I planned for me
And my dreams
Losing control Of my destiny
Feels like I'm falling and that's what it's like to believe
So I'm letting go
-Francesca Battistelli


Anonymous said...

Great post, Noel! I've been really struggling lately with believing that God has a plan for me that is better than my own plan...your post was encouraging! I'm praying for you...
Lauren M

Whitney said...

hey its about time. Thanks for the post. I think right now everyone our age is going through about the same thing. I know I am. I thought wow it wasnt that hard to find Gods will. I guess it just took longer for me. See Wednesday, Love ya

Lauren :-) said...

Noel, this post looks almost just like somehting I would have written about 1 year ago. I was exactly where you are. One year out of high school, and not sure at all what to do. This I know, My God is faithful! I know that you know this too. I actually can look back now and say "ahhh" but there are a few things I still don't understnad but even still I know my God is faithful! Good post! I can already see part of what God is doing through this because He is using it to do a work in your heart.