Monday, June 30, 2008

10 Random Things About Me

1. I love music!!! 'nough said :p

2. My favorite thing to do is read, anytime I have some down time and I have a good book to read you know what I'll be doing

3. I have never been on a boat, for fishing or water skiing, or just period.

4. I was born is Texas, but have now lived in Oklahoma for 12 yrs. I have lived in the same house for that long, and have been going to the same church for 11 yrs.

5. I don't like to show my feelings very often, its something I'm working on. But if you ask me I will tell you, I am not afraid of confrontation.

6. Some girls are addicted to buying shoes, well for me its bags........I love them!! And even though I have way too many I'm always looking at new ones.

7. I have been to three 'corners' of the United States; New York, Florida, and California, and would really like to go to Washington to complete the set lol.

8. I am a very easygoing person, and unless something is morally wrong, I'll probably just go with the crowd, even when I would prefer something else.

9. I can't stand negativity, from anyone. I will go out of my way to avoid people who complain, and say things about people.

10. I am a VERY organized person, if something is messy I can't think clearly until I clean it. And yes, I do alphabetize everything......but I am still somewhat normal lol.

So, that's me. Probably very boring, but hey who are you to judge? :p
And I'm not gonna tag anyone but Maria 'cause she hasn't posted in eons!!!

be free

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Lauren :-) said...

I think eons is a cool word.