Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a grand adventure.


It is here.

Dun dun duuuuuun.

After what seems like waiting forever, praying every day, hoping, wishing, wanting.....It has come.

In exactly 10 hours I will be at the Will Rogers World airport about to leave on a month long adventure to Zambia and Tanzania, Africa.

I can hardly believe it.

Though, looking back it was a long journey to get here. I feel ready, yet uncertain, excited, but nervous, at peace, with some worry thrown in. I have never been away from home this long before, and to be in a third world country halfway around the world? Wait a minute, did I say I wanted to do this? I am too young, too inexperienced. Someone older, and more mature should be going. All of this keeps going through my head, as I remember how God has brought me here. The faithfulness and provision that He has shown me is overwhelming. Starting with a $100 from a stranger at the post office, to an anonymous gift of $2,100 I can see, so very clearly, the hand of God on this decision. Is there any greater feeling then to know, I mean really know; without a doubt, that you are in the center of the Lord's will for your life??? I don't think so.

This week has been crazy. I usually like to start packing at least a week in advance because I have this dread, or fear of forgetting something uber important. But, I started Monday.....and didn't get very far. Yesterday I did a little better, but still had to do other things and my room was still a disaster at 10pm.
I finally buckled down and got-r-dun.
At the moment I am one pound under the limit and praying that my scales are not off.

I will be journaling lots while in Africa and I will try and post some of those entries when I get back. Please be praying for me and the team. I was surprised last year by the amount of spiritual warfare that I could see and feel. Your prayers DO help, and WILL make a difference, thank you!!
So, its time.
Goodbye, farewell, and au revoir :)


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