Tuesday, May 25, 2010

great expectations.

The belief that something should happen, or the hope that it will happen.


I did not expect my great grandmother to die, I had hoped that she would be alive for much longer. I will miss her. She was an amazing lady, who shaped much of who my own mother is today, and provided me with a Godly heritage. I would love to be just like her someday. I am not sad for her, she is in Heaven, healthy, happy and at peace.
I love you Grandma Ryan.


I have been planning on going to Africa. Wishing, hoping, trusting, believing....knowing that God would work it all out.
The journey so far has been incredible, being a witness to the faithful of my Savior.
I started out in January needing $6,500 for my trip to Zambia and Tanzania. I have watched money come in little by little since then, and been blown away by the generosity of my friends and family.
As of yesterday I needed $2,700, still alot, but not impossible.
Then I got a phone call.
Someone gave me $2,000, anonymously.
I was, still am speechless.
I did not expect this. I have not been letting myself hope too much, praying that I would go, but not setting myself up to be disappointed.
How could I doubt that greatness of God?




Anonymous said...

Wow, bless you! that is a great testimony! I love how you are giving God honour on your Blog...It is a pleasure to read and I pray that God leads and directs you, he is well and truly worth your all!

DJ Taurus said...

God is so good! Best wishes for a valuable journey!