Tuesday, December 8, 2009

adding to the noise

'My Soul waits in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him.'
-Psalms 62:5

Waits. Silence. God only. Hope.


I have a problem with waiting; I don't like it. period. I like action, I want to do something. Say something. Or move on. Just sitting, doing nothing, is NOT my personality. at all. I give something 5 minutes, than move on to the next thing. Or at least do something ELSE while I'm waiting....But, just in case you haven't figured it out, God does NOT work that way.


If I have a hard time waiting, silence is even harder for me. First of all, I'm a girl and because of that I'm ALWAYS thinking, about something. Seriously, its annoying sometimes! I want to turn off my brain somehow, make it stop going around and around in circles......
That whole 'be still and know' thing gets me every time, I purpose to sit down and give God my undivided attention......but somehow unless I'm actually reading the Bible, or praying, I find it hard to clear my mind and focus on God for a long time. Something I need to work on.

God only.

So powerful. Just think about it; GOD. ONLY.
To use Dr.Tackett's example; I see my life as a box, and I put God outside of that box. I say He is the ONLY God, which is true, but I don't show that in my actions. I don't treat Him like my best friend, or Father, or bridegroom, or even Savior. I do not involve Him in the everyday routines of my life, only when I'm in trouble or happen to think about something I 'need'. Every time I think about this I feel so stupid. How can I treat Someone, who has given me everything, like nothing??


In my opinion, HOPE is one of the most powerful words in the English language. It is a small word, but can mean so many things. One of my favorite things is that it almost always implies something positive, if you have hope you have something to look forward and hold on to. Hope is hard to explain, it is not feeling or even really an action. It is somewhere in the middle. Hope pulls us forward. The power of hope is about change, something better that is in front of us.

This verse has been continually coming to mind for the past few weeks, and these are some thoughts I had.
I was worrying about something the other day and heard God whisper to my heart; "Trust, sweetheart. I love you more than you could ever imagine, and the plan I have for you is going to blow you mind."
How great is the LOVE of the Father!
And how beautiful is a broken heart in the sight of Him who loves me.

be free - be broken - be trusting -be hopeful - be silent -be loved (beloved)

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Peter said...

Whoa. Lots of pink. Too much. You should do something about that. Anyway...good thoughts. I like it when people think. But you said that because you are a girl you are always thinking, implying that guys are not always thinking...hmph. Sexist, perhaps? :) Look forward to reading more of your work.