Monday, March 9, 2009

so little time......

*deep breath*

*let it out*

This last week so busy, it was insane.
My family and I were involved in a basketball tournament. It was fun, but so crazy. I went to at least 14 games, probably more. And I ran the clock in most of them, and for those of you who have never ran the clock before it requires a lot of concentration, and is usually very stressful. Friday night I went to a get together with my Wednesday night class and had so much fun. We played basketball for at least 3 hours, and even though I had been around basketball all week it was great.

Usually it takes me a week to recover from a week like that, but this week I have NO time to even rest. I leave for the ski trip on Sunday, and I have SO much to do before then. Whitney and I are planning/cooking all the meals, so instead of my personal packing being my priority this week, planning/shopping/packing all the food is. I am freaking out just thinking about it. I still have all my regular stuff to do also, You Grow, Character First, etc.

If I just get through this week I can relax, I am REALLY looking forward to the ski trip. It is going to be so much fun, it is always different but amazing.

May God bless your week to be less hectic than mine :)

be free


Eden said...

Oh my gosh, girl, this week for you sounds like last week for me! I had the craziest week ever, and it wasn't like I could stop any of my normal weekly activities to concentrate on the new, soon-due stuff. :P

So...I feel your pain. :( I'll pray for you! That's such a hard situation. Just keep goin', girl :) God's there, right next to ya, every step of the way :)

Whitney said...

and I will be there too. lol I am really freaking out!! But it will all work out *fingers crossed* see you tmr. love ya