Tuesday, May 6, 2008

freaking, but trusting in God

I'm getting a little nervous about my passport........
I know that God is in control, but I keep stressing about it. Its like what I know and what I think aren't going together. *deep breath*
So, this week was crazy fun, on Mon. I went to the health department and waited for 3 hours to get my shot records from when I was a baby to send to the passport office, to prove I was born here, (I think it would have been easier to send them a picture proving I wasn't mexican, but....)
And while we were there I got my tetnus shot, (my first shot ever! that I can remember), than that night we had our last YOUGROW *sniff*
Thur. I went and got my yellow fever shot, and got a typhoid vaccination that I have to take 4 pills every other day, and if I forget I have to start all over again.
On Fri. was the start of the OCHEC convection, and oh.my.word. what a LONG day, to have 8 kids for 9 hours.........well, by the end of the day it wasn't pretty, :(
Fri. night some of us, (Rachel, Whitney, Maria, Lauren and I) rented a room at the training center, so we had fun, just hanging out and watching movies.
Sat. it started all over again, I was so tired starting the day and it just got worse. 5 finally rolled around (the time when the kids LEFT!!!), and I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when Brandon asks me and Megan to take care of the kids whose parents were late..................yeah, thats what I felt too.
And than after a few minutes Megan leaves, so I'm there with about 10 kids..........they're all still alive I promise you, by the grace of God. And I think most of them may still even like me.
Sun. I had a basketball banquet that my family set-up and cooked for, it was tiring.
And Mon. was our Liberty basketball alumni game, that I had not got in anything resembling shape (except maybe round) for. We did win!!! That was exciting, but at a personal cost; very sore back and shoulders, huge bruise on hip where I stopped AD from getting a lay-up and got rammed into the wall, and bruise on jaw where Kayla's head somehow connected when going for a loose ball.
I hope this satisfies SOME people who have given me a hard time (*coughjoncough*) about not posting. I have told you everything I can think of..........almost, some things are best kept off the internet ;)
be free

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Jonathan said...

Look who posted... NOEL POSTED!!! Hey... I didn't give you that hard of a time. It was just a little ecouragement to post. I hope you get your passport in. I really think you will because if you don't end up going to Africa I'll die. No biggy though. I'll probably see ya at church today so TTYL.