Friday, February 7, 2014

Style, Design, Reality, and Cute Babies


I love being inspired. By color, music, art, famous quotes, beauty, scenery (HUGE for me), or simply a good nights sleep. Inspiration comes in many forms, but the times I am most inspired is when someONE does something amazing. Or simple. Or out-of-the-box. Or beautiful. People are so cool.

I've been sick this past week, and for me that translates into LOTS of internet time. There is an incredible amount of talented, creative, determined people out there. I may or not have cyber-stalked a few people, but hey, that is why you put your stuff on the internet right??

Two blogs/Instagram accounts caught my fancy. Literally. I love their style, and outlook on life. So happy!

I mean seriously, how adorable is that? 


I am semi-obsessed with white and light these days

I like her minimalistic style

Plus, she has an adorable baby.

As I was scrolling down weeks and months of posts I was delighted and intrigued. Then, after hours (to be completely honest) of being immersed in these people's lives I started experiencing a break from reality. I am sure there is a fancy word for it - jealousy is a simple way to put it. I am content with where God has put me, and who I am. But, too much of looking at other people's lives (and STUFF) can be depressing and harmful.

Today I had a little more energy and decided to get some things done. As I was cleaning our bathroom I started thinking about those ladies lives and I wondered; When do they have time to clean the bathroom? Style and design, crafting and creating is super fun, but how much of that is real life? 
I inspired myself today. By cleaning the medicine cabinet, I normally skip that detail - thinking 'I'll get it next time.'

Beautiful, isn't it?

I have also been inspired to update our master bedroom lately, unfortunately having the inspiration for something does not mean you have the funds to carry it through. That being said, I am busy planning and pinning away. 

Clean, crisp, comforting

Even though some of the {major} changes will not happen for a while, there are a few details in our room that make me smile. (Speaking of details, don't they just make you happy?? I love details.)

Bowl; love Target clearance finds

Amazing how much a change can help, even something like making the bed a different way

I'm a big fan of picture frames. And metallic finishes. And my husband.

Back to normal life is hard, yet also a relief. This is where I belong. Even though I would much rather be in L.A. right now, where it is 80 degrees. Walking around the cool shops, unique foodie places, and people watching to my heart's content.......... I am happy where I am. Oklahoma City, (who is currently having a crisis of identity, thinking she is North Dakota), is where God has placed me. 

Be free,

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