Thursday, March 10, 2011

order; the balm of my life

Chaos; turns me into a nervous, raging, stressed out shell of myself.

I can not emphasize how important order is to me.
Some people have called me a neat freak, or OCD (which really should be CDO)

I don't care about the label, I'm not a jar of pickles.
I am just a girl who likes things to have a place and be there, the last part is especially important.
Have I mentioned lately that God has a sense of humor?
He put me, the neat freak, in a family of 7 boys. Took away my sisters, made my mom incapacitated til May, and those 7 brothers have no brains.
I walk through the house and instantly I feel my shoulders tense. The chaos that surrounds me is depressing. 
Sure, I can do something about it, but it only last for an hour or so.
Ha. Funny one.

No solution is presenting itself to me at the present moment.
I will be away from home more starting next week, but that will make it worse, not better.

So, I sit here. With my glass of lemonade, and my computer. Wishing for a fairy, or a bomb. Either would work.

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Megan Leeann said...

I will pray for little elves.